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The difference between insulating glass and laminated glass


1. Insulating Glass:

1. Concept: Insulating glass is an energy-saving glass product that is evenly spaced and effectively sealed by two or more pieces of glass to form a dry gas space between the glass layers to achieve thermal insulation effect. The insulating glass is divided into two layers and a plurality of layers according to the number of layers of glass, and is generally a two-layer structure. A transparent glass, heat reflecting glass, heat absorbing glass, Tempered Glass, or the like can be used as the substrate of the insulating glass. Insulating glass is usually produced at the factory and it is not built at the construction site.

2, characteristics: good optical performance; thermal insulation, reduce energy consumption; anti-condensation; good sound insulation performance.

3. Application: Insulating glass is mainly used for buildings with high functional requirements such as thermal insulation and sound insulation, such as hotels, houses, hospitals, shopping malls, office buildings, etc. It is also widely used in vehicles, boats and other means of transportation.

Second, Laminated Glass:

1. Concept: It is a composite glass product which is made of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) resin film by heating and pressure bonding between two or more pieces of glass original film for the production of laminated glass. The sheet may be Float Glass, tempered glass, colored glass, heat absorbing glass or Heat Reflective Glass. The number of layers of laminated glass is 2, 3, 5, 7 layers, and more than 9 layers.

2, characteristics:

1) Good transparency.

2) The impact resistance is several times higher than that of ordinary flat glass. It can be made into a safety glass with high impact resistance by compounding multiple layers of ordinary glass or tempered glass.

3) Due to the adhesion of PVB film, even if the glass is broken, the debris will not be scattered and hurt.

4) Different original glass is usually used, and laminated glass can also have durability, heat resistance, moisture resistance and cold resistance.

3. Application: Laminated glass has high safety and is generally used as a window, skylight, stair slab and high-rise building for shops, banks, windows, partitions and underwater engineering. A place or part with high performance.

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