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Glass knowledge: How is winter glass more insulated?


1. Preferred flat open window

Casement windows (windows that can be opened 90 degrees) will be much better than sliding windows. The casement window is generally sealed with rubber strips, and the sliding window is sealed with tops, so the closure of the casement window and the isolation of dust, rain and the like are stronger than the sliding window; and the casement window is generally locked with a two-point lock or a heaven and earth lock. Closed, and the sliding window is hooked or latched, so the airtightness of the casement window is much stronger.

2, bay window / floor to ceiling window is less than 30% of the wall

Bay window and floor-to-ceiling windows are used by more and more houses because of their beautiful appearance, but these two kinds of windows are often not conducive to indoor insulation, especially in the north-west facing windows. Even if adopted, the area should not exceed 30% of a wall.

3, residential window ratio 1/7-1/10

When the home is renovated, the window area should not be too large. The larger the window area, the greater the heat loss of the room. The reasonable residential window ratio (the ratio of the window area to the floor area of the room) should be 1:7 to 1: 10.